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Charlot Preuve

Gorvo (Afro)

Gorvo (Afro)

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    Orders for shoes are crafted to specification and may take up to three weeks to arrive. For US sizes, it is recommended that customers order one half size smaller; for example, a size US 10 Men should select a size US 9.5 Men.
    • Handmade In Italy
    • Calfskin
    • Unisex
    • Sneakers
    • Red Leather
    • Dark Green (Serpentine) Suede
    • Black Crocodile
    • Zebra Hair
    • Gold Eyelet
    • Black Gloss Sole   

    Introducing our Gorvo sneakers, meticulously handmade in Italy, embodying refined elegance and timeless sophistication. Crafted with the finest calfskin, these unisex sneakers unite fashion-forward style and unparalleled comfort. The vibrant red leather and exotic dark green (serpentine) suede panels envelop your feet, while striking black crocodile and zebra hair accents, along with gold eyelets, add a touch of opulence and extravagance.

    With a sleek lace-up front and an extra-large soft tongue, these sneakers exude understated allure, complemented by the black gloss sole that elevates your stature and ensures impeccable stability and traction on any surface. Luxuriously padded ankle collars and a supportive heel counter cradle your feet, transforming each movement into a seamless dance of grace and poise.

    The sophisticated back pull tab ensures effortless on and off experiences, catering to the connoisseur of comfort. Elevate your style to an exquisite level with our Gorvo sneakers, where every step reflects your refined taste and appreciation for artful craftsmanship. Whether for leisurely strolls through the city or grand events demanding flair, these sneakers leave an indelible mark on every passerby's mind, epitomizing the perfect union of comfort and sophistication.

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